Saturday, July 3, 2010


Colten on his first birthday. He stuffed his face pretty good with cake.

Aspen and Grandpa @ Coltens party

Jonah was pretty tired for some reason....he is pretty cute when he sleeps

Some of the volunteers on the free dentistry day.

Jonah snuggling with Reign on the couch. Looks comfy huh

Koda and Reign having a pow wow

This is what happens when Jeramiah gets a hold of my camera. My memory card is full of pictures like this

Koda catching the ball!!!

Sorry it has been so long since I have posted anything. There is really not a good excuse. I decided to post a few pics of random things from the past few months.
We found out that we need a new transmission in our car so that is currently getting fixed. I am trying to get set up for another shot for my back. We had the Chris Family Reunion down in St George and that was really fun. I also had my five year high school reunion. That was really fun to get with old friends and see what they have done with their lives. We went to Lagoon with my work for a day. That was really fun. I had to take it easy on the rides because of my back but it was still really fun. I got to see the movie Eclipse with my work as well. That was an amazing movie and I LOVE JACOB!! I just needed to get that out there. That sums up what has been going on the past little while. I know its not much but we are pretty boring. I will try and be better about posting from now on.


ileen said...

I left a comment yesterday but I guess it didn't post, try again. I really liked your blog. You do well with the pictures. It's fun to see them. Looking forward to seeing you this weekend. Love ya

TaMerra said...

I am beginning to love Jacob more and more. I want to go see it again. Thanks for the pictures and update. See you tomorrow.

Tammy said...

I think you need a bigger couch ;) Eclipse was the best so far but it's still nothing compared to books. The movies do make him look good but I'm a romanticism at heart. GO EDWARD!!!! (book style)