Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Lot To Take In

So I thought you all might want to know what a busy and exciting day we had on Sunday. First off, Jonah was ordained an elder on Sunday by his dad. That was a really neat experience and I am glad that I was able to be there to share it with him...I was also glad that I got to meet his good friend Mark. Mark was able to come join in the circle at his ordaining. Mark has been a big help to Jonah and has been there for him whenever he has had questions. From what I can tell, he is an extremely nice guy and I can't wait to get to know him better and thank him for the help that he has given to Jonah...
And as for me, I got my temple recommend on Sunday! It was very exciting. I had to wait an hour to do it though but it was worth it. Jonah should be getting his this weekend.

The wedding is only 9 days away! Wow! I have so many mixed feelings at this point. Im nervous, excited!, happy, and kind of scared all at the same time...There is a lot to take in on this day, but there is no one else that I want to walk through it with. Jonah is a great man and I can't wait to start my life with him together as a family.

I am excited how all the wedding plans are coming together. The wedding is going to be very nice and I am so grateful for my family and friends that have been helping me the most. Thanks to my mom for getting all the decorations and food, my sister TaMerra for all the showers she has thrown and all the advice she has given me. My sister in law, Alisa, for all her help with the invitations, music and helping out where ever she is needed.And Tracy for all her help with my bridals and making sure everything was perfect. I really appreciate all of you. And a big thanks to all my friends. They have been there to support me in all of this. It really means a lotto me to know that my friends are so happy for me

Monday, July 28, 2008


So here are some pictures from by Bridal photo shoot with Josh Dye. These were taken at the capital building in Salt Lake and Memory Grove which is right across the street. I had a lot of fun with the pictures. It was really hot though. Not to mention that I forgot to eat that morning. So sad to say we stopped the shoot cause I was about to pass out.... But once I got some food and cold air blowing on me I was fine... Sorry that it has taken me so long to post something new. As you can imagine I have been keeping pretty busy... And I hope to get the Bear lake pictures posted soon as well. But let me know what you think of these. There are about a hundred more. Sorry I can't put them all on here.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Real Estate

So Jonah has been working very hard to get his real estate business going. He has not sold a house yet, but he is doing well for having just started. He has 3 listing leads, and two buyers. He is learning a lot of things that he will need to know in the future. It seems like an overload sometimes for him, but he is loving it. He is so happy that he decided to make the switch from Prudential to Keller Williams. He loves the people he works with. He says they are all very nice and are willing to help him with whatever he needs. He always comes home and tells me about what he did that day. I don't ever really know what he is talking about, but it makes me happy to see him and how excited he gets about it.
As for my work. I got a raise! It wasn't a big one, but at this point every little bit helps. With it being the end of the month, things get a little crazy at work, with the billing, inventory control, closing jobs, and all the other month end stuff. I could definitely use a weekend away. And that is exactly what I get! We are going to Bear Lake this weekend!! And on top of that I don't have to work on Friday, so that makes it that much better!
Once we get back things are going to start rolling along. We only have 37 days left til the wedding! I can't believe how fast time has gone by. I have two bridal showers this month and my bridal pictures to get out of the way. I am excited for it all though.