Monday, September 28, 2009

Over Due

Wow I did not realize how long it has been since I posted something. I'm sorry. Things have been pretty crazy with us....or at least me. I am now on my third week of school. I have class on Saturday's and homework during the week. I am also working on my observation hours at an Orthodontics office here in Springville. They have been very nice to let me come and observe. I have called a lot of offices and they have all told me no. So I am glad that I have a place close by that will help me out. So I do that on Tuesday's and Thursday's. I work on Mon. Wed. and Fri. still. I drive out to Tooele on Friday nights and spend the night at my aunt and uncle's who have been so nice to let me stay there every week. Then I have class bright and early at 7am on Saturday's. Class has been pretty fun. I am trying to take in everything but it is not working very well. Hopefully I will get the hang of it soon. We are still in the Nursery in our ward. It is still kind of a pain most of the time. So my weeks are pretty hectic. Jonah's schedule has not changed.
We have been having a fun experience with some people in our building that have been causing nothing but problems. It has gotten to the point where it is a comical situation because there stupidity is so excessive. It makes me laugh.
Hopefully my dad will be coming up this weekend to put in our gas line. I am so excited about that. I don't want to go to my in laws to do laundry anymore. Um... I think that is about everything. IT doesn't sound like much has been going on but man I sure feel like it. I hardly get a chance to sit down and relax anymore. Only 8 more weeks and hopefully things will slow down a little bit

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Embarking on a Journey

So I am starting school on Saturday. I am really excited but I am really nervous to. I have not been to school in what feels like forever. I don't remember how to do school. I know that sounds stupid but that is how I feel. I am going to be in school to be a dental assistant for 11 weeks, so I will get done the week before Thanksgiving. I am excited that I will be learning something new and hopefully turning this into a career someday. Who knows. If I end up liking it a lot I may try and go to Hygiene school someday. Wish me luck with school. It is out in Tooele with my awesome uncle! I will be driving out there and staying at his house on Friday nights and then going to school on Saturday mornings. I am lucky to have a hubby that supports me with this to. We will have to make some sacrifices for the next little while but I am so glad that I have him by my side. Hopefully I do well with the course and I will be able to get my externship and everything done on time.
Jonah is doing just great. He worked on Labor Day and has today off. We both had a bug last week and were not feeling well at all. We both took Wednesday off and spent the day sleeping it off together. Its not the day off together that we would have wanted but at least it was a day off together even thought we were sleeping a lot.
Other than that I dont think that anything else is going on. Just that same old same old.