Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Moving In

So we are in the process of moving into our apartment. We have most everything over there. We just have to get it organized and get it looking cute :) I would say that it looks pretty good for our first place. The kitchen doesn't have enough storage space for all our food and wedding presents. :) But its ok. We are putting some stuff in the guest bedroom closet. Our apartment is two bedroom one bathroom. Our bedroom is so much bigger than the room we have been in for the past little while. It is so nice to be able to walk around our bed now! And its nice to that we are starting to get things in order. Jonah doesn't like the way that I do some things though. For example, in my opinion, if clothes are on the floor or in the hamper they are dirty. Not according to him. He has two different hampers that he wants to use. He says that one hamper is for dirty clothes and the other one is for clean clothes. He also said that anything on the floor is still clean. THEN WHAT IS THE POINT OF A CLOSET AND A DRESSER!!! I told him that if it is on the floor when i do laundry, its going to be washed and if it is in a hamper it is the same deal. If he doesn't want it washed, he needs to hang it up or put it in the dresser....Anyways, thanks for letting me vent for a second.

We also got to bring the pup with us to the apartment. We are trying to train him in a new place. He does ok for the most part. We are trying to get him to stay on the kitchen tile and not come on to the carpet unless its to go outside or to his cage to go to bed. He does ok. He is just really excited to be in a new place so he has a lot of distractions. We put him in his cage at night for now so that he doesn't wander around the house when we are sleeping. We have to make sure that he will behave before we will let him sleep in the kitchen. But over all he is doing pretty good. I will post some pictures of our new place when we get it all set up.

We are still trying to get moved down to St. George. Hopefully before the end of the year. So we won't be in this apartment for very long, but it is so nice to be out of his parents house. I am so excited! Well. I will post pictures soon!

Monday, September 15, 2008


We are finally going to be moving into an apartment this weekend!!! I am so excited! We have been waiting for some renters to get out of his dad's apartment so that we could move in. They were supposed to be out three weeks ago, but they were being difficult. And plus i don't think that they understood that he was being serious about them having to move. But anyways, The water heater in that apartment broke, and so they will be putting new carpet in on Wednesday and after that it will be all ready. I am so excited to be able to get all my stuff out of boxes. And I am really excited to finally be able to use our wedding presents! They have been sitting in a room upstairs cause we have no where else to put them. So that is something that is really exciting for us. We are so ready to be out on our own. And the cool thing is, is renting with his dad will allow us to be able to move out whenever we want to. We are not on a contract and so when we find a place in St. George that we can afford we can move down there.

Also this weekend was especially fun. My very good friend Bryce came to visit us this weekend. He was not able to make it to the wedding and so he came up to treat us to a weekend of fun...And that is exactly what we got. First we went ice skating. Man that was so entertaining to watch Jonah and Bryce ice skate. They were hugging the wall so tight. I am not all that great, but I am proud to say that I was better than them.Lol. Jonah ended up getting the hang of it after a while. But he did not want me anywhere near him. After we were done with that, we went and showed Bryce out wedding pictures so he could see what he missed out on. After that we went to pick up Heather. She is a girl that Jonah works with. We all headed out to eat at Winger's. That was a lot of fun. We were all laughing and having a good time. We then headed up to Murray to get some cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory!!! That was so good!! I love going to that place. Then after that we went to the IMAX theatre in Sandy. That place was really cool. We saw Burn After Reading... That was a very stupid movie...Bar none. So just save your money and go see something else! So it was a very good weekend...We all had a lot of fun.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Poor Pup

So the other day, I get a call from my husband telling me that the dog has been hurt. Jonah went put Reign in the backyard while he ran to wal mart to get some shoes for work, and when he came back, he brought Reign inside and he had blood on his chest! I was so worried. Here are some pictures of what happened. We ended up having to take him to the vet to get stitches

This is our sweet dog. Reign

This is what his wound looked like when we took him to the vet

And this is what he looked like when he was done at the vet.

As far as we can figure, he got caught on something while he was running around. We have no idea what it would have been. But we have him all bandaged up to try and keep him form licking or scratching it. He is doing pretty well. Its a good thing that he is a good dog in the first place.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Best show EVER!!!

So since I have not been able to think of anything interesting to put up here lately, I thought I might let you guys know about my all time favorite show that had its season six premiere on Monday. One Tree Hill baby! Man that is the greatest show on the face of this planet. I was so happy with the way it opened up for the most part. First of all, the season finale last season left us all wondering who Lucas called from the airport to go to Vegas and get married. And it turned out to be just the way that I wanted it to! Out of three girls, Brooke Lindsey and Peyton....he chose Peyton!! I was so excited. I just hope that they don't do the breaking up and getting back together with them. I think they have done that about a hundred times! Lol. The whole Brooke and Victoria thing has me a little worried and I hope that Brooke will be ok. I really hate Victoria. If she is the one that had that guy come into her store and beat her up I will be so mad. It has to be her that did it. I mean everything was fine before she came back threatening to take the company and wanting to get a hold of the new clothes line. And she is the kind of person that would stoop that low to get what she wants. The other thing that happened is that Nanny Carrie came back!! Talk about creepy! I really don't like her. She is crazy obsessed with Jamie. (who is the cutest little boy ever) She hit Dan with a car and is keeping him hostage. I hope that someone finds him and gets rid of her. Not even Dan Scott deserves to die that way. Over all it was a great opening to another great season! I just hate having to wait a whole week to see what is next. But oh well. I guess there is nothing that I can do about it. By the way...if you guys don't know anything about the show that I am talking about...shame on you! Lol. Go by seasons 1-5 and get caught up and watch the best show ever!!!