Thursday, December 9, 2010

Happy Holidays

So the last month has been a roller coaster ride for me. I have been trying to adjust to being the Hygiene Team Leader and it has not been very easy. I have problems with people thinking that the position should have been theirs and I have problems with people not respecting me as their boss. It has been very trying. I have also had problems with not meeting our daily production goal. But at least this week the production problem has gotten better. We are getting closer and closer everyday to meeting it and I am so excited! I think that I am getting a little more comfortable in the position but I am still very far out of my comfort zone. I hired two new girls as well and one of them is doing very very well!
On another note, today was my day off from work and I went to see a new chiropractor. Not that I dont love the one I have now, but this one does something called Spinal Decompression. I am going to be giving that a try because what I am doing is not working and is not fixing the problem I have. It is a six week treatment course where I have to go in four times a week for one hour everyday. They tell me that the first week is "hell week" because I will be in more pain than I am now because my body is going to take some time to figure out what is going on. But I really do have a good feeling about this. I think that this may be the answer I have been looking for. This treatment has a 92% success rate with my condition so I am very hopeful. And I am also very grateful to my work and the people that are going to be willing to step in for me while I do this treatment.
Next note....We are so close to being completely finished with our floor. It has taken us a long time but at least we are getting it done. We only have to paint and puddy the base shoe and threshold and we are done!! We even bought an area rug for the front room! Now we just have to get all the big tools out of my living room so I can get my house back together.
Jonah is going to be starting school next month. He already has his class schedule arranged. He is really nervous but I know that he is going to do great in school.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Well Well Well...

I'm so sorry that it has been so long since I have posted. My life has been crazy busy and I have had a lot of changes come my way. To start off with. I am no longer working at Rosewood Dental in Tooele.I was very sad to leave my friends I had made there but they were all very understanding. I found a job closer to home at Stonehaven Dental in Lehi and I have been working there for a little over two months now. I was hired as a Hygiene Assistant. About a week ago I was told that my team leader was quitting and they wanted me to take her place. Talk about being punched in the stomach. I had not even been there two months when I found out the news. So this past week was my first week as the new Hygiene team leader. The week went fairly well. I have some team members that are not to happy about it because they have been there longer and felt that they should have got the position. But what can you do. But I am still learning a lot and I am looking forward to becoming a great leader.
Jonah and I decided to do some remodeling on our condo. We are putting in laminate wood floors. We are still not done. It is a long process and I will be so happy when it is done and I can put my house back together. It is looking very nice though. I am very happy with the way it looks.
We got a new bed! I love it. It is a KING SIZE! I needed something that gave my back more support so that I would hopefully sleep better at night and not wake up in pain. I have noticed an improvement.
We went down to St George for Halloween and we got to see our cute nieces and nephews in their costumes and we also got to go see Thriller! We had a lot of fun and we can't wait to go down for Thanksgiving!!
My cousin Karston also came home from his mission. It is so good to have him back. And at the moment he is living with us! He is going to school at UVU in January and he needed a place to crash til he finds a job. We are happy to have him here. We found out that he sleep walks and likes to eat when he does. We woke up one morning and saw Pringle crumbs all over the kitchen floor and down the hallway. The dogs were in their cage so it could not have been them. Lo and was Karsotn! There is never a dull moment. LOL.
My best friend in the world is getting married!!! She asked me to be her maid of honor! I am so excited for her. We got to go dress shopping and it was so mch fun! I can't wait til her wedding day! She is going to be so beautiful!!
I will try and keep up more on the blog. Sorry I have been slacking again. Here are some pictures from the last few months of our life...

Kayleeya and Paige buried at Bear Lake

Jeramiah in Bear Lake

Our puppies early in the morning

Colten playing at the Lake

Uncle Jonah Playing with Paige and Kayleeya

My last day with Judie

My last day with Maryann

Last day with Sabra

My best friend and I. The beautiful bride to be!!!

Koda watching us work on the floors

Jonah at work

Hard workin baby

He did such a good job

Guard dog Reign of the carpet

Just starting

Steph and BJ

Me and Steph

Me and my baby

Me and my beautiful SISTER!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

2nd Year Anniversary in Park City

Jonah and I had a great anniversary get away. We went up to Park City for four wonderful days. It was not so good checking in though. We got there and the front desk was closed. They had put our room keys in a safe but did not give us the code for it. So we spent the next 30 minutes trying to get a hold of the emergency number to get the code. That was not working. Lucky for us, there was another lady that came by that was also trying to get a hold of the emergency number. I asked her if she could get us into the safe and she did!! We got our room keys and headed to our room. It was a very small studio room with 70's appliances. We were laughing actually. Anyway the next morning we had to go to the front desk to finish our registration. I complained about our check in processes of course and it was a good thing I did. They upgraded us to a one bedroom unit with A/C!!! The room was so beautiful! I did not want to leave.
While we were there we were able to go to the Kimball Arts Festival. That was a lot of fun and took up almost two days to get through, but it was really good. We also saw the Step Up 3D movie and went out to eat. We swam in the pool a lot and we drove around and looked at all the expensive houses up there.
I am so happy that I have had the privilege of spending two wonderful years with the best man I know. He is my best friend and all I could ever ask for in a partner. I love Jonah so much. These two years have flown by so fast. I am looking forward to the many wonderful years ahead. I LOVE YOU JONAH!

Saturday, July 3, 2010


Colten on his first birthday. He stuffed his face pretty good with cake.

Aspen and Grandpa @ Coltens party

Jonah was pretty tired for some reason....he is pretty cute when he sleeps

Some of the volunteers on the free dentistry day.

Jonah snuggling with Reign on the couch. Looks comfy huh

Koda and Reign having a pow wow

This is what happens when Jeramiah gets a hold of my camera. My memory card is full of pictures like this

Koda catching the ball!!!

Sorry it has been so long since I have posted anything. There is really not a good excuse. I decided to post a few pics of random things from the past few months.
We found out that we need a new transmission in our car so that is currently getting fixed. I am trying to get set up for another shot for my back. We had the Chris Family Reunion down in St George and that was really fun. I also had my five year high school reunion. That was really fun to get with old friends and see what they have done with their lives. We went to Lagoon with my work for a day. That was really fun. I had to take it easy on the rides because of my back but it was still really fun. I got to see the movie Eclipse with my work as well. That was an amazing movie and I LOVE JACOB!! I just needed to get that out there. That sums up what has been going on the past little while. I know its not much but we are pretty boring. I will try and be better about posting from now on.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Not So Good News

So I found out today what is causing my severe back pain. I have a degenerative disc in my lower back. Can I not catch a break! I guess I am in a bad mood over it. They want to try to give me an epidural shot into my L4 disc. It would be some steroids and anti inflammatory stuff from what they have told me. Hopefully that will work for a few months. If it does not do anything then the next step will be surgery. I am really frustrated right now.
On a better note. I did Dentistry From The Heart this past Saturday and it was a lot of fun. We saw almost 400 people from what I know. It was a good experience and I was glad that I got to participate in that service. Most of the people were very grateful that we were willing to give up our time to help them out.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Holy Long Time No See

Wow it has been a long time since I have blogged. I am so sorry. My new job schedule does not let me do as much as I would like to. But I am loving my new job. I am starting to get the hang of things a little more. There are still some things that come up that I have no idea how to deal with but those things will be popping up for a while and I will learn them as they come. They have adjusted my schedule so that I work 7-6 on Tuesdays, 8-6 Wednesday and Thursday, and 8-3 on Fridays. I like it a lot better. I don't have to wake up so early every morning anymore. I have a lot of fun at work and love the people that I work with. I am glad that I have this job.
Jonah passed his test for his ComTech 3 raise! So we should be seeing that raise in a few months. He works really hard at work to make sure he does things right. And it has paid off. He did have a little accident last week. He washed his work phone and his personal phone. He felt so bad. Luckily we kept our old phones and his work just gave him a new one so things worked out.
We are buying a new car! Well new to us at least. We are buying a 2003 Honda Civic, Natural Gas car. Hopefully we will have it by this weekend. We are very excited to have two cars so that Jonah will not be stranded anymore when I stay the night out in Tooele. He is not a fan of having to have a car payment though. But that is something he has to deal with.
Our ward split a few weeks ago. I am not to happy about it. We just barely got on the 11 time schedule and then they change us back to 9. I guess we just have to get used to it. We helped clean the church this past week to. Our friends got the calling to clean the church and they are in charge of finding people to help. It was pretty fun actually. And it only took about a half hour. When we were done we went with our friends to see Alice in Wonderland in 3D. It was a good movie. I really liked it. Its a Tim Burton movie so it is a little weird but it was good.
In February we also went down to St George for the Parade of Homes. We had a really good time with the home show as usual. We took a few days off so that we would have more time to look at the houses. It made it more enjoyable this time around. We did not get to see my family a whole bunch while we were down there. We did get to spend one evening with my brother and his family. It was a lot of fun. We don't get to do that very often.
Well I think that is the basics of what we have been up to lately. Plus I have Jonah pacing the house cause he is bored. Lol Til next time!

Monday, February 15, 2010

A New and Crazy Life

So it is on to week three of my new job. I am loving it. It is a baptism by fire experience but I am having so much fun with it. I am starting to get the hang of things a little better. Everthing is working out very well so far. I have an amazing husband that is willig to sacrafice so much so that I can be happy with my job. I also have a very kind aunt and uncle that let me stay at their house when I need to.
We had a great Valentines weekend. I surprised Jonah with a Ballon,stuffed animal, truffles and a card on Friday night. Then he surprised me with a Wii Fit Plus, flowers, a stuffed animal and a card on Saturday morning. We went to the Macaroni Grill and the Cheesecake Factory for out date. It was so much fun to spend some time with him.
On Sunday we were planning on going to church, but we took the dogs out to go to the bathroom and Reign was peeing blood. I was really worried so we took him into the vet. We found out that he has a urinary tract infection. We got some meds to help it go away and some meds to help him with the pain. So hopefully he will get better soon.
Also on Sunday night I had another scary experience. I woke up in the middle of the night and my jaw was locked shut. I have never been so scared. I dont know why but I could not calm down. Not being able to open my mouth and having no control was terrifying. Finally after about an hour I was able to manouver it and get it to unlock. Today my jaw is very sore. I talked to my uncle today at work and he wants me to get a splint for my mouth to see if that will help. I have been talking to my cousin Jessica who has gone through the exact same thing. It is comforting and yet scares me a little to know that she has been through it. Hers started out the exact same as mine did but got much worse. So I hope that I have caught it soon enough that it will not cause as much trouble. But it is a terrifying experience. And to tell you the truth I am scared to go to sleep tonight. I do not want to wake up locked again. It is worst at night which tells me that I grind at night from stress. and that is what is causing this. If I can't relax tonight it will most likely happen again. So wich me luck and I will keep you updated

Monday, January 25, 2010

Pictures from Christmas and Some of My Cute Nieces and Nephews


Kayleeya, Alijah, Jeremiah, Aspen, Colt









Christmas '09

Jonah & Jeremiah

Christmas Eve Gingerbread houses

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Old Treasures, Old Memories

So I was looking through some stuff and I found a notebook that I had not seen in a while. I started to look through it and I found two FHE activities that Jonah and I did right after we got married and I wanted to share them with you. The first one was that we had to write our testimonies down and let each other read them. I can only find what I wrote so I guess you don't get to hear Jonah's. But there is some personal stuff in here so don't judge. The second activity was to write the traits that you think describe a good husband and a good wife.

My Testimony from FHE on 8/25/08

I can honestly sat that my testimony has been tried and tested more than I would have wanted. But I don't regret it, just for the fact that it has helped shape me into who I am today. I think the first major thing that tried my testimony was my relationship with Mike. In that relationship I was manipulated, controlled, and blind to what was happening to me. I learned that I can't let anyone or anything get in the way of what I know is right in my heart. And that is that the gospel is true. It was restored through the prophet Joseph Smith. He went through many trials that could have broken him down. But he stood strong for what he knew was true in his heart. He is a very good example of perseverance.
I remember something that happened that helped me want to find my testimony after I had lost it. After I broke up with Mike, my brother asked me to go to lunch with him one afternoon. He talked to me about what had happened and what I was going through and was a comfort to me. He talked to me about the church and assured me that if I would turn to the Lord and seek him for help and guidance, that I would be ok. Even thought that is something a primary child would say, it was just what I needed to hear. It was nice to have my brother there to help me through it.
Something else that, not necessarily tested my testimony, but made it stronger, was moving away from my family. I could no longer lean on my parents testimony. I needed to make it my own. But being away also made me realize how much I do love my family and how much I want to be with them forever. My family means the world to me and there is no other group of people that I would want to spend eternity with. By moving away, it tested me in some ways. While living on my own, I had to be the strong one to tell myself to get up and go to church. I was in charge of myself. That was a very good opportunity for me to become stronger.
With all the hard times I have gone through, and with all the trials, I am so grateful that I have had my Savior there by my side. When I was at my lowest point, he was the one that carried me through. I know now that he will always be there for me. I just have to be the one to ask for his help. He loves me and wants to see me progress and become the person he know I can be. I know that he lives and that he will come again. I know that he atoned not only for my sins, but for the sins of the world. He sacrificed his life so that we can have the chance to be like him. Through living by his example, and by keeping his commandments and the covenants I have made, I can experience true happiness. And I have received so many blessings. I have been able to attend the temple with my eternal companion, who I know will be by my side for whatever life brings us. I know that we will both help each other strengthen our testimonies as we progress together. I know that by attending the temple and keeping close to God, we will be happier that we ever could have imagined. I know the Gospel of Jesus Christ is true. I know that families can be forever. I am thankful for the early Saints who play a big part in where we are today. I know that by the atonement we can be forgiven of our mistakes and we can return to be with our Father in Heaven. I know that I still have a lot to learn and I am excited to learn all I can.

FHE What I think makes a good wife and husband
Wife: Ad good wife is one who will support her husband in whatever he does. She is strong in what she believes in . She loves her husband and family. She does her best to keep the spirit in the home. She is there when needed and there to listen or talk to you. She is not selfish.
Husband: A good husband is one that provides for his family and honors his priesthood. He loves his family and not selfish. He is willing to help when he is needed. He works to fix problems and helps to keep the spirit in the home. He is someone who brings joy and laughter to the home.

What Jonah thinks makes a good wife and husband
Wife: You try to understand me and love me and want to be with me. You always are willing to work with me to get through things whatever it may be. that you come to me with your problems and confide in me and are not lazy, and don't get mad at me if I am :)
Husband: that I am always there for you and willing to help. I do my best to provide for you and take care of you. I admit when I am wrong and try to fix it. I am humble and love my Savior. Pick on you and tease you and help you around the house :)

So those are two things that I found from when we were first married and it is fun to see that we still have the same views basically. We are still just as happy now as we were then, if not happier. I am grateful to have such a wonderful man to share my life with.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Job!

I can't believe that I forgot to mention this in my last post but I finally got a new job! I will be working at Rosewood Dental with my uncle. They had an opening for an assistant and offered it to me. I know it is a long ways away, but I will only be working four days a week and more important I will be getting the experience that I need. I am so excited! I start on the 28th of this month. I am grateful that they gave me a shot. I will miss my current job though. Ok not necessarily the job itself but I will miss the people. I have worked with some pretty neat people and I am going to miss them. They have been so flexible with me. Its not everyday that you find a job like that. So wish me luck! I will keep you all updated on how things go!

Monday, January 18, 2010

St George Get Away

Jonah and I went down to St George this past weekend to get away from this cold weather and snow. Man was it a nice break. It was so warm down there compared to here. We did not get there til about midnight on Friday so it was a late drive. On Saturday, my dad took Jonah out for a ride on their new ATV!!! He had a blast. My mom and I went shopping and taught me how to make some good whole wheat bread. It was so much fun and pretty good if I do say so myself. When we were done with that, my dad took me out for a ride on the ATV. I had so much fun. I can't wait til we can go down there and spend a day just riding around. When we got back we decided to go to a movie. We went to see 2012. Its just another end of the world movie where they escape EVERY obstacle by the skin of their teeth. Kind of dumb but the graphics were good. And it was 3 hours long. A little to excessive for me. We left the theater and I realized that I had left my purse there. I was freaking out. We hurried back to get it and luckily it was still there and had all my cards and cash left in it. Thank goodness for the honest people that found it. We then went home and played Five Crowns and called it a night. My mom also gave me our wedding afghan from my Grandma Chris. It is so pretty. My grandma has not been doing to well lately so she was not able to finish it. But I have a great Aunt and cousin that came for a visit and finished it for me. I was so surprised and thankful! Thanks Chandra and Linda. It really means a lot to finally have it.
We went to church the next morning and it was good. We really like this one Sunday school class in my parents ward. Its taught by a really neat lady. Its a marriage family relations class, but the fun part about it is she is a therapist and she has a lot of professional input. She makes the class very interesting. After church we went back to my parents with Darcee and her kids. We can tell that little Jeramiah is a two year old. He has some lungs on him and would scream and cry every few minutes if he did not get something he wanted. Alijah is getting so big. He just turned four this week and he is such a sweetheart. While my mom was making lunch he kept saying "Grandma I wanna help you!" He was so cute. And Kayleeya is getting more grown up every time I see her. I can't believe that she is going to be nine in May. I remember spending almost everyday with her when she was younger. I can't believe how grown up she is.
Well the time came to soon when we had to leave. We headed up to Cedar City to pick up our dogs from My sisters. She said that somehow Reign kept getting out of their fence. When we got there we found that he was out of the fence and across Main Street which is a couple streets down from where my sister lives. I couldn't believe it. But he kept getting out all weekend. I felt bad but I am glad that my sister was willing to watch them so we could go down there. We stayed and chatted with her for a while and we got to see Aspen and Colten. They are still as cute as ever and they are also growing like weeds.
It was nice to get home and be in our own house and sleep in our own bed. But I can't wait til we go back down for the Parade of Homes. Thanks to my family for making it a great trip.
P.S. We did not get to see Justyn and Alisa this trip around. From what I hear they are still trying to get moved into their new house. But hopefully we will be able to see them next time around

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Thinking of New Years

So I have been thinking a lot about what I want to try and do for my new years resolutions. I have thought of a lot. I most likely will not get them all taken care of but I am sure going to try and get some of them done.
1. Build up our food storage.
2. Read scriptures every day.
3. Get a new job in a dental office.
4. Support Jonah in his hope to start a snow cone shack.
5. Do better with my visiting teaching.
6. Put more of my money into savings.
7. Try and be more patient and understanding.
8. Lose weight and keep it off.
9. Learn to cook better and cook for Jonah more often.
10. Get down to St George to see my family more this year.
11. Watch less TV and spend more time with my husband and dogs.
12. Do more service for others.

I know some of these might seem silly but they are all things that I need to work on. Its a new year and I need to try and make my self better. I will never be perfect, but at least I will always have something to work on. I hope that you all have made some goals for the coming year, and if so good luck with them. I know that it will be a challenge to get some of mine done but I will do my best.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas(Pictures to come later... hopefully)

Welcome 2010!!!
We had a great end to 2009. For Christmas we were able to go to St George and spend it with my family. We have not been down there for so long. It was so good to see all my nieces and nephews. I missed them more than I thought I did. It was good to see my siblings and parents as well. We had an eventful Christmas morning. Darcee and her three kids stayed at my parents house on Christmas Eve so they were with us on Christmas morning. Christmas with an 8,4 and 2 year old was very interesting. Jonah and I were very fortunate to have a good Christmas with good presents and good company. I also had a good birthday. We saw the movie the Blind Side and it was a very good movie. Darcee had and eventful Christmas too. Her dog had her puppies on Christmas morning. 14!!!! Sad to say one of them died so she is down to 13... but they are all so adorable. We took Koda and Reign down there with us and they had a good time playing with sisters dog. We also found a new dog park in St George thanks to my mom. We took them there before we left and they had a really good time. We had a nice family Christmas Party that was really fun. My parents work so hard to put things together and I want them to know that I really appreciate all their hard work. I love having the family get togethers. My mom and dad gave everyone an Ableskeever pan. I can't wait to use mine. They also got us a clock, a bronco duffle bag and a ticket to see one of the Tuacahn shows. And my lovely mother got me a BOSCH MIXER for my birthday. Does she know what I like or what. Thanks mom.
As for New Years...well we didnt do much. We stayed at home and watched a movie...and fell asleep before midnight. I know, we are lame and can't even stay up til midnight...I will say that we were able to stay up past 1 AM on Christmas Eve. Jonah worked on New Years Day. He volunteered for it so that he could get paid for the holiday. We also ended up buying a Wii!! We have been having so much fun with it so far. We got the Super Mario Brothers and and Olympic Summer Games to play so far. Hopefully I will be able to get the Wii Fit soon.
I am hoping to be able to find a new job here soon. I have been putting in applications to a lot of places and have had two interviews so far. Hopefully something will work out and I will be able to start working in a Dental office soon. I will probably be going out to my uncles office once a week to hopefully keep up on what I have learned so that I don't forget it. I feel like I have already forgotten some of it. But I will let you know what happens with that....if it happens.
We got released from the Nursery this last Sunday. I was so excited. I am excited that we get to go to our classes now and hopefully meet the people in our ward.