Monday, December 7, 2009

First Snow!!

Well we had our first big snow storm on Sunday. I was kind of bummed. We were supposed to go to my cousins baby blessing out in Tooele but the snow came and we decided that it would be more safe if we stayed home. So we took the dogs out to play in the snow, along with our friends Julie and Aaron and their dogs. They just got a new puppy! He is so cute. He is 8 weeks old and already weighs about 30 pounds!! He is a Saint Bernard and the cutest cuddle bug. He is making me puppy hungry again, but there is no way we are having three dogs right now. So anyways, us four and our four dogs went to play in the snow and I decided to take a few pictures for all of you.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Receiving my Certificate from Jackie and Uncle Mike

Receiving my Radiology License from Jackie and Uncle Mike

Our Graduation Cake

My Radiology License!

My Dental Assistant Certificate!

Well I finally did it! I graduated and I am now a certified Dental Assistant! I am so glad that school is over with. But at the same time I am sad. I have really enjoyed spending the weekends in Tooele with my Aunt and Uncle's family. I always had fun with them and I am going to miss that. So for school I had to pass off certain skills, and do 150 hours of internship and observation in order to receive my certificate. There were only five people in my class that made it to graduation, and only two of us that finished everything and got our certificates. I was so excited that my hard work had finally paid off. I had great teachers and it was a great learning experience for me.


Jonah and I had a good Thanksgiving. We were invited to his Grandma Richmond's house to have dinner. It was very crowded but the food was really good. During this time of year I am reminded how blessed we really are. I am so thankful for so much in my life. I am thankful for the family I have and the amazing husband that puts up with me. I am blessed with wonderful people all around me. I am blessed to be able to have a job and a roof over my head. It's amazing the things that we can take for granted. I will admit that I am not perfect in appreciating the things I have but I am trying to be better. I hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Short Post

Here is a updated picture of the puppies. Its from my phone so sorry if it does not look very good. Koda is 10 month old now. He is getting bigger everyday and he is such a sweetheart!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Things have been as crazy as ever around the Richmond household. I am still keeping busy with school. I was able to go out to Tooele this past Thursday and Friday to get some observation hours in at my uncles office. I had a lot of fun but at the same time it was kind of nerve racking getting in the chair. But I will get used to it at some point. I just need more practice I guess. It's a lot harder than you might think it is. Jonah is still keeping busy with work. He did a great job keeping up the house and taking care of the dogs while I was gone for the weekend. I am really liking the people that work at my uncles office. They are all really nice people.
Jonah and I had our dental appointments on Monday. I have one filling that needs to be replaced cause it is worn down. And poor Jonah...he had 8 fillings that needed to be replaced. So he was there for about three hours. The bright side though is that I was able to help work on him in the chair a little bit. That was fun for me at least.
We are planning on watching movies on Halloween with some friends of ours. They live in our complex and they have a dog. That is how we met them at first. We let our dogs run around and play together. We found out that they are in our ward and then low and behold, I get assigned to visit teach her. Weird huh. Anyway they are an awesome couple and I am glad that we have found some people to spend some time with. Its nice to have some friends up here finally.
I'm sorry it has been forever since I have put pictures up. But the only pictures I take are of my dogs and I think that you guys are getting sick of those. Once I get some more interesting ones I will post them

Monday, October 12, 2009

Wonderful, Kaotic, Beautiful Life

So things are still a bit kaotic with the Richmond's. I am still keeping busy with school and work. School is going great. Last week we learned how to clean the teeth and how to place bands and wedges. It was a lot of fun. Jonah and I have our dental appointments coming up in the next couple weeks and so I will get to practice on him! Lucky Jonah. I am really excited to be able to work on an actual person. Hopefully I will be able to get some pictures of me in school so that you can all see how cool I look. lol
Jonah is still just working. He has been a big help in helping me keep the house in order since I have been so busy lately. He also surprised me and brought home a little kitten last week! He found it on one of his jobs and the people said it was a stray and so he brought it home for me. It did not go over so well. Reign gets way to excited around cats and so it makes the cats get really defensive. Koda did ok with the kitten, which really surprised me. He was actually a little scared of it. lol. He learned to stay away from it for the most part. So if we just had Koda we would be able to get a cat....Reign is the problem child.So since we could not keep her, I took her over to my neighbors and asked if she could stay there. She said that was fine, and they actually found a home for the kitten. I was so happy that the kitten did not have to go to the shelter. Maybe someday I will be able to have a cat. I wish I could have the family cat, Snickers, but I think that she would have a heart attack at her old age if I threw her in with two dogs.
My AWESOME dad came up here on Friday to put in our gas line for our dryer. I was so grateful he came up to do that. He drove up in the morning, worked on the gas line for three hours then went back home. I wish that he would have been able to stay longer but he is just way to busy. But what a great dad I have that he would come all the way up here just to help me out. All I can say is that it is so nice to have my washer and dryer hooked up and working...

Monday, September 28, 2009

Over Due

Wow I did not realize how long it has been since I posted something. I'm sorry. Things have been pretty crazy with us....or at least me. I am now on my third week of school. I have class on Saturday's and homework during the week. I am also working on my observation hours at an Orthodontics office here in Springville. They have been very nice to let me come and observe. I have called a lot of offices and they have all told me no. So I am glad that I have a place close by that will help me out. So I do that on Tuesday's and Thursday's. I work on Mon. Wed. and Fri. still. I drive out to Tooele on Friday nights and spend the night at my aunt and uncle's who have been so nice to let me stay there every week. Then I have class bright and early at 7am on Saturday's. Class has been pretty fun. I am trying to take in everything but it is not working very well. Hopefully I will get the hang of it soon. We are still in the Nursery in our ward. It is still kind of a pain most of the time. So my weeks are pretty hectic. Jonah's schedule has not changed.
We have been having a fun experience with some people in our building that have been causing nothing but problems. It has gotten to the point where it is a comical situation because there stupidity is so excessive. It makes me laugh.
Hopefully my dad will be coming up this weekend to put in our gas line. I am so excited about that. I don't want to go to my in laws to do laundry anymore. Um... I think that is about everything. IT doesn't sound like much has been going on but man I sure feel like it. I hardly get a chance to sit down and relax anymore. Only 8 more weeks and hopefully things will slow down a little bit

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Embarking on a Journey

So I am starting school on Saturday. I am really excited but I am really nervous to. I have not been to school in what feels like forever. I don't remember how to do school. I know that sounds stupid but that is how I feel. I am going to be in school to be a dental assistant for 11 weeks, so I will get done the week before Thanksgiving. I am excited that I will be learning something new and hopefully turning this into a career someday. Who knows. If I end up liking it a lot I may try and go to Hygiene school someday. Wish me luck with school. It is out in Tooele with my awesome uncle! I will be driving out there and staying at his house on Friday nights and then going to school on Saturday mornings. I am lucky to have a hubby that supports me with this to. We will have to make some sacrifices for the next little while but I am so glad that I have him by my side. Hopefully I do well with the course and I will be able to get my externship and everything done on time.
Jonah is doing just great. He worked on Labor Day and has today off. We both had a bug last week and were not feeling well at all. We both took Wednesday off and spent the day sleeping it off together. Its not the day off together that we would have wanted but at least it was a day off together even thought we were sleeping a lot.
Other than that I dont think that anything else is going on. Just that same old same old.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

May It Rest In Peace

So last night when we came home from work, Jonah went to play his game on the computer....OH NO!!! It would not turn on. It was on when we left the house that morning from what we remember. Sad to say it is dead, gone, no more. My parents gave me that computer my junior or senior year in high school. I have been using it ever since. So I say good bye to a good friend and thanks for the good times. Now we just have to figure out how to get all of our stuff off of it. Jonah was really worried about getting his cd for his game out of it so he took it apart and finally got it out. The monitor still works fine it is just the tower that fried. So if anyone needs a monitor let me know

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What the heck

So since I have not put pictures up for a while I decided to put up some funny ones of the pup dogs. So enjoy 'em

Not a whole lot has happened with us. I decided that I am going to be going to dental assisting school. My uncle has a school out in Tooele. Its eleven weeks and on Saturday's only. I am really excited but really nervous for it. I hope that I do well in the class and that I can learn everything. I start school in September 12th and will get done the Saturday before Thanksgiving. I also have to do "x" amount of hours of externship so I have to find a dentist that will let me do that.

Last night we went to my cousin Missy's new house in Spanish Fork. It was so good to see her and her family. They are so much fun to be around. We went there to visit with her and my sister. TaMerra is up here for Colt's surgery and is staying with Missy. I was happy that I got to see her and the kids as well.

We finally got our washer and dryer up here!!! But we still can't use them. We have to get the gas line in first. So our dryer is chilling in one of the bedrooms and the washer is sitting there looking pretty. We have been having to go to my in laws to do our laundry. Man I will be happy when I can use my own.

We were able to go to the temple dedication this past weekend to. Man I am so glad I could go to that. I can't wait to go to that Temple. I am so excited that we have so many temples within such a short distance to us. We should go more than we do and that is something that we are going to try and work on.

Well there is a short update on the Richmonds!

Friday, August 21, 2009

What Reign has to put up with

Reign is such a good sport. Jonah picks on him so much. This is his latest! Reign is wearing Jonah's hat. He is a gangsta puppy. lol.... I am glad that we have two dogs for Jonah to pick on. That means a little less on me. I will get some pictures of Koda when I can. He is getting so big. He is now bigger than Reign and is 8 months old

New Hair!

So I was going to go all blonde. But i decided to slowly ease into it. So in a month or two when it starts to grow out i will go back in and have the whole top dyed blonde. But my friend Jaimee did a really good job. I really like going to her. She is very talented and she is honest in her opinion

Jonah's Anniversary Present

Presenting!!! MY handsome husband! Wow he looks good! I got him a suit for his anniversary present....I think he looks pretty dang sexy if I do say so myself.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Weekend Fun

So Jonah and I had a very fun weekend for the most part. The highlight was definitely going to Lagoon! His friend Justin got half off coupons from his work and asked if we wanted to go. So we all headed up to Lagoon. And man it was packed!!!! And does anyone want to know why? There was some sort of gay convention at Lagoon that day. Lol. I don't have anything against fact the gay people I do know are some of the nicest and caring people I have ever met. But I will say that there were some awkward moments. For instance, we were waiting in line for the log flume ride and there was a big group ahead of us. Lo and behold there were two girls full on making out right in front of us. Now that made me a little uncomfortable. I'm fine with it as long as I don't have to see it. Lol....So that was a long half hour wait. lol but aside from that we all had a lot of fun at Lagoon. I was really excited to go. Sunday made for something interesting too. For the first little while, we were the only adults in the nursery. Luckily they got us reinforcements. That nursery can be tough. We have been in it for almost 4 months now. I am ready to be done with it and be able to go to my normal classes.
We also had my friend Amanda come visit! She now lives in Salt Lake and I guess she must have been bored or something cause she wanted to come down for a visit. She brought down a pizza and we all played some really fun games. It was a lot of fun hanging out with her.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

Wow!!! I can not believe that it has been one year already. The time has gone by so fast. I am so glad that I have been able to be married to the best man I know. There is no one better. I am looking forward to all the years ahead of us that we get to spend together.

We had a wonderful weekend together. We took Friday off from work and went hiking up to Timpanogas Cave. It was a lot of fun, but man am I feeling it now. Lol. We had to hike up a mountain for two STEEP miles to get to the cave opening.Once we got up there it was more than worth it. The hike back down was almost as exhausting as the way up. It was so steep that going back down was a workout to try and be gentle on the knees.( which did not go very well.) After we were done with the hike, we headed to Men's Wearhouse to get Jonah a suit!
That was my present to him this year. Man he looks good in a suit. Lol. He also got a free shirt and tie to go with his suit. It was a deal that they had going so that was really nice. After that we went home and took a much needed nap. We spent the rest of the night relaxing and enjoying each others company. On Saturday, we did some more lounging around the house and playing with the puppies. Later that night we went and ate at the Cheesecake Factory up in Murray. Man that was good. I have not been there in so long! It was a big treat for me. After dinner we went and saw the movie GI JOE. It was an good movie in my opinion.

So all in all we had a very good weekend together. The best part was just actually having some days off together. Normally we only have Sundays off. So it was a nice change to be able to spend time together.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Proud Auntie

Jonah and I were able to go down to St George this past weekend for a very special occasion. My oldest niece Kayleeya got baptized. I am so incredibly proud of her for making this decision. She is such a bright girl and is so loving. The baptism was a little bit different than what I am used to. There were about 10 kids all getting baptized at the same time. I remember when it was just a personal thing. But it was still really good. She was baptized and confirmed by my dad. There was a lot of family there to support her. We had a little get together at my parents afterward and that was really fun to see everyone.
We were also able to go eat with one of my very good friends Bryce while we were down there. It's not fair though!! I hardly get two words in now that Jonah is in the picture. They talk way to much. Lol. It is so nice though that one of my best friends and my hubby get a long so well. So it was a very good weekend and as usual it was way to short. I hate that we are only down there for a few days at a time. That is why I am excited for Christmas. We will be able to be down there for almost a week!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Wow it has been a while since I have posted anything. Sorry we are so boring. Well, I am trying to make a decision on what to do. I have been wanting to do a dental assisting class and get into that. But I have also be come interested in something else. I have been working out every day with Turbo Jam at home and have been loving it. I feel so good and I can feel that my body is starting to change. Well I found out that they have a training class to become an instructor for it so that you can teach the classes. I think that would be so much fun! But I want to do both so I am trying to do the whole pro's and con's thing. I will let you know how the process goes

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Lord's Blessings

So last night my eyes started to hurt really bad. I dont know what caused this flare up but I was in a lot of pain. I finally asked Jonah if he would give me a blessing. We tried calling our home teacher but he did not answer the phone. So, we went to our neighbors across the hall. His name is Curtis. He was home and said that he would be happy to come over and help. Jonah gave me a really good blessing. I am so grateful to have a husband who is able and worthy to give me a blessing whenever I ask for one. It means so much to me. I am also grateful for the wonderful neighbors we have. Craig was willing to drop what he was doing to come and help us out. They are really great neighbors and I am so thankful for them. Also, shortly after the blessing, our home teacher called back to check what we needed. That is another thing that I am grateful for. He is a great home teacher and is concerned about us. He is so willing to help out and he is faithful in coming to see us every month. The Lord has blessed us with some very special people in our lives. They have been so helpful and caring.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Mich's Wedding

I was able to go to my friends wedding reception a few weekends ago. I loved it. She has always been such a good friend to me and I was so glad that I got to see her and share her day with her. I was also able to meet up with a bunch of my old high school friends! I really miss them. They are really great people. They all hold a special place in my heart. I love this group picture. We have all changed so much. High school was a really great time for me. I know that most people dont say that, but I was lucky enough to share my high school experience with these great people ( plus some more ) and they are who helped make my experience so great. I love you guys!

Short Sweet and to the Point

So we had a good week for the most part. We had my mom and my aunt visit us. They came up for a teaching conference and stayed with us for a few days. I took them out to eat at the T- Bone! They loved it. Im glad I could share it with them. I also found out this past week that I have a cornea infection in both of my eyes. It is driving me nuts. I have a constant headache, my eyes burn and are scratchy and dry all the time. My vision is also really fuzzy. It hurts. I am on antibiotic drops. I went into the doctor today and he said that it was looking a little better but not much. So I have another appointment on Wednesday. I guess I will have one every other day until it goes away. We went for a hike on Sunday with our dogs. It was a lot of fun. After dropping 20 pounds I feel like I can do stuff again. I love it. Its amazing what 20 pounds lost can do for you. I feel like a whole new person. Hopefully the rest of the weight will come off. I am half way to where I want to be. Jonah had to work a lot of overtime last week. The digital switch has kept him pretty busy. That is a quick little update on us!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Good Music

This is some music that a friend from high school has done. I really like it! Check it out

Try this link to hear his songs! Copy and paste either one of them. Let me know what you think.


Friday, June 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Jonah!

Well he is caught up to me for now. Jonah is now 22! We had a great day together. First off, Jonah took Tuesday and Wednesday off of work for his birthday. I took Wednesday off so that we could go play. We woke up and I made him breakfast and gave him a birthday card. Shortly after that, we headed up to Salt Lake to go to the Hogle Zoo! It was really fun. I have not been to the Zoo for a very long time. It did rain on us though! So we got pretty wet, but it was still fun. We spent a few hours up there and then headed back home. Later that night, we went out to eat at Red Lobster with a group of our friends. It was so good to have them there with us. We had a lot of fun. After dinner we went to his parents house to have CAKE! I got him a cake from Dairy Queen. Everyone loved it! So thank you to everyone who helped make Jonah's birthday a great one! I am so grateful to have Jonah. He is a great blessing in my life. This was his first birthday since we have been married! He was pretty excited about that for some reason. But we had a lot of fun spending the day together. Enjoy the pictures. was raining!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Family Fun

We did have a great day. It was so nice to have a day off together where we could go do something. The only day we have off together is Sunday. So this was a real treat. First off, we went up Provo Canyon and went on a hike! Man I am not used to hikes. But it was so fun. The trail ends in this meadow in the middle of the mountains. It was so pretty. And of course we took the dogs with us. They had a blast running around in the meadow. It was Koda's first time on a hike and he really liked it. We defiantly wore them out. We went back home when we were done to drop the dogs off. They crashed and went to sleep. Then we went around looking at furniture stores, just for fun. We also got ourselves some presents! We got a video camera and a small point and shoot camera! We have been getting so tired of lugging our big SLR camera where ever we go. So we got a small camera that we can take and put in our pockets. So we spoiled ourselves, but we deserved it. lol.

Also, we had the privilege of having my parents come and stay the night with us this past week. They had dentist appointments in Tooele so they came a day early and hung out with us. We gave them a little tour of our neighborhood. My mom especially liked all the animals we have down the street from us. We went out to dinner with them and had a great time. My mom and aunt will be coming up in June to visit so I am very excited about that.

Also, Jonah and I were called to be in the Nursery! Sunday was our first day. This will be an interesting calling. Jonah is excited about it. He wanted a calling where he could work with the kids. It seems that they always put the couples with no kids in the Nursery. It's like they are trying to make us not want to have kids. Lol. Im'm just kidding. I am excited for this calling and I hope that we can do it well.
I think that is all that is new with us for now. Our next event we are looking forward to is Jonah's birthday!( If you have any ideas let me know.)