Monday, April 27, 2009


Colten Gregory Higgins is finally here! He was born Sunday April 26, 2009. He was 7lbs 4oz. He was born around 2:30pm I believe. TaMerra knows for sure so sorry if I am getting any of this wrong. I am so excited to see him! I hope that I will be able to get down there soon. So that evens up the numbers of nieces and nephews on my side of the family. We now have four of each. I guess we will have to see if TaMerra is going to have another kid. If not I guess mine will be the next in line. I believe everyone else is done having kids.
The weather here is getting to be a little nuts. It snowed again on Sunday. So much for having a Spring.
My diet is going well. It is starting to get a little easier, even though Jonah is always tempting me with sweets. According to my scale I have lost almost 12 pounds. But I will find out tomorrow for sure what the real number is. I am very excited.
I was able to go visiting teaching yesterday and it was a lot of fun. I have a great companion who is very nice and giving. She is a wonderful lady. The ladies that I teach are very sweet as well and I am very excited to get to know them.
Jonah did a volunteer thing with his work. It was called Comcast Cares. They went to a school in Payson and helped clean it up, inside and out. He said that he had a lot of fun. And the good thing is, is they got done right before it started to rain. Lol. But he had a lot of fun volunteering and helping out.
So that is a little update from us. Sorry we don't have more going on. We can be pretty lame :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Home on The Range

So this past weekend I was able to go to St George and participate in the fun family activities. I was able to spend Easter with my extended family, which was a real treat. I was so grateful that I was able to spend time with them. The only thing that would have made it better is if Jonah would have been able to come with me. Unfortunately he had to stay home and work. But he was nice enough to let me go and see my family. He is way to good to me. But I had an awesome time with all my family and I am grateful for all that they do for me. I love them all more than I may let them know. I also brought Koda down with me so that Jonah would not have to deal with both of them while I was gone. Koda stayed at my sisters house. They also have a puppy that Koda got to play with. I think that they had a lot of fun together....and got into some trouble as well. They chewed up a dirty diaper that my sister had left on the floor, and they dug the the dirt out of her plants. Man they were asking for it. Its a good thing that Jason is patient with them, otherwise my sister may have lost it. :) But they had a lot of fun playing with our puppy, but I do think that he is glad to be home. The vacation took a lot out of him. He has been sleeping ALOT. I came home from St George on Sunday and was able to spend Sunday night with Jonah. We didnt do anything for Easter but it was nice to be able to come home to him and spend time with him.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

~Puppy Love~

So since we have no kids yet, you get to hear stories about our dogs. Aren't you lucky. Koda and Reign are getting along just fine. It is nice to see that they are not biting each others heads off. We try to keep them separated when we are not home so that they don't bond to much to each other rather than us.

Koda is growing so fast! We have only had him for 2 1/2 weeks and he is grown so much in that time. Soon he will be bigger than Reign. Hopefully we will have him trained before he gets big enough to eat us. Lol.

Koda seems to have a problem with barking. We have been blessed to have a dog that does not bark at all. Koda does not bark to much but it is more than we would like. lol. Most people would say that he is very good at not barking for a puppy, but hopefully we can get him to where he doesn't do it at all.

We have been having a blast spending time with our puppies though. We are very happy with our little family. People always ask us if we have kids yet, We say "no, but we have two dogs." They reply saying, " well that is close enough." Lol.
As for me and Jonah, we have been a little under the weather lately. Jonah took the past two days off of work, hoping that it would help him recover quicker. But he has yet to start feeling better. I started feeling sick a few days after he did. So we are just two sick kids who stay home all night and watch movies in bed. Sorry that we are so boring and have nothing new to report.....OH WAIT!!!! We finally got our taxes done!!!! YAY. We went to H&R block and had them do it. I loved it. I hated trying to do my taxes myself, or try to have someone explain it to me how to do it. Its much less of a headache to have someone who knows what they are doing do it for you. Especially this year since we had all the stuff for Jonah's real estate, the tax credit for 1st time home buyers, and our condo.
I also will be going to Cedar City on Saturday to give my sister a baby shower. I hope that everything goes ok. Im not the best party planner so if your coming, don't expect much......Til Next Time!!


So here is Koda taking a bath! Since the potty training is still underway, he spends a lot of time in the bath. Its hard to believe he is as skinny as he is. When he is dry he looks like a big poof ball, but once you get him wet he shrinks down to nothing.