Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sorry for the wait... CAR ACCIDENT

Wow it really has been a long time since I have posted anything and I am sorry for that. I really have no excuse because I have been stuck at home with nothing to do for about three weeks now. Why do you ask? I will tell you. I have been having a lot of problems with my back lately. And it was only made worse after we got in a car accident the day after Christmas. We hit a patch of black ice and slammed into a barrier on the freeway on ramp. We were going about 55 mph when we hit. Jonah got slammed into the door pretty hard and I got tossed around pretty good. Since I was having pain in my back that was worse than it already was they wanted to take me to the ER. So they put me on a stretcher with a neck brace and hooked an IV up. When we got there they put me and Jonah in separate rooms, which I did not like. I was really worried about him. But I had no choice. I was strapped down to the bed. I was laying there all by myself when my mother and father in law come in. I was very happy to see them and I was glad they came to help.

I asked them to go check on Jonah and see how he was doing and they said he was doing ok. Soon after that they took me in for xrays to make sure that my neck and back were ok and all was as ok as it could be. When I got back they gave me some Morphine. Man I like that stuff. That was the first time in almost a year that I had been completely pain free and I was loving it! The doctors thought I was pretty loopy. After about four or five hours they said that we could leave. I got up and got dressed just fine. Before we walked out the door, they said they forgot to take my final vital signs. So as I was standing there they started to take my blood pressure and I started to feel very very light headed. The nurse told me it was almost done and then I could sit down. I said Im not going to make it. I sat down and almost missed the chair. When I looked up, my family said my face was whiter than anything they had ever seen. They took my blood pressure again and it was very low 38 over 60.

So obviously I was not ready to leave yet. They had me lay back down and slowly raised me upright. Te doctor said that it was a side effect of the Morphine. I apparently reacted strongly to it so he said that I was a light weight cause they did not give me very much. Anyway, finally at about three in the morning we left the hospital and Jonahs parents took us home. Ever since then I have been having more problems with my back. I was getting physically stuck at work because I was in to much pain to move and Jonah would have to come pick me up and bring me some pain pills before I could move. It has not been a fun time so far....MORE TO COME!!! ENJOY THE PICTURES


Tammy said...

Just wait for the epidural. Those are amazing! Sorry your having such a hard time. I know I'm way up here in SL but if you need anything let me know, I'll make it down.

Wynter said...

Wow that is crazy I must have missed this I had no clue you were in an accident. It looks horrible! Glad you are all ok =)